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FAQs: Solar Installation in Champaign, Illinois


What Are the Advantages of Solar Panel Installation in Champaign?

Solar energy is an unlimited renewable energy source and getting a solar panel installation in Champaign has many advantages.

With a solar panel system, you’ll get renewable clean power 365 days out of the year, even with dark or cloudy weather your solar panel can still produce some power. You’ll help the environment by reducing the usage of fossil fuels. And most importantly, you’ll enjoy big savings on your utility bills.

To learn more about the benefits of solar panel installation, our Champaign area technicians will come to your property and evaluate what type of system will work best for you!


How Much Money Can I Save With a Solar Panel System?

This is one of the first questions customers consider when thinking of hiring a solar installer in Champaign. There are two main ways you can see a return on your investment by getting a solar panel installation.

Electricity bills: The main attraction for many people wanting solar panels is to save money on electricity bills! On average, Americans save roughly $1500 a year by switching to solar power, which equates to $37,500 over 25 years.

Tax Incentives: When you get a solar installation, you immediately qualify for a tax credit from the government (local, federal, and state). Currently, the federal government provides solar panel owners with a 30% tax credit towards the solar panel installation as well as any retrofitting that may be necessary. State and local incentives can vary in the form of tax credits, and rebates and can be dependent on your county or municipality.

Money savings can be a huge benefit for residents in Champaign that choose solar energy. For installation, give the team at Edelman a call!


How Long Does it Normally Take to Install a Solar Panel System?

On average, solar panel installation in Champaign will take anywhere from 1-3 days. After having our team at Edelman come and do a site assessment, we’ll be able to provide a more specific time frame of how long the process would take.

Outside of the physical installation, there are some steps to take first. Utility companies typically take 1-6 weeks to process a solar application and the waiting period for local permits takes about 2 months. To find the best time to get solar panels installed, check with our solar installers in Champaign. We’ll help with all of the required paperwork, and have you and your family enjoying renewable energy in your home before you know it!


How Do I Know if My Home is a Good Fit for Solar Panel Installation?

In Champaign, this is a common question for many homeowners.

We first suggest you call one of our valued technicians at Edelman to do a site assessment. We offer both roof-mounted and ground-mount solar panel systems. Deciding on whether roof mounts are best is dependent on the strength of your roof, the roof’s exposure to the sun, the age of the roof, as well as which direction your roof faces (west-facing roofs are the most ideal). We’ll also survey your ground if that is determined to be the better option.

After that, we’ll determine the size of the panels, location placement, and the tools necessary for the installation. Lastly, Cost! Our certified installers will be able to assess your home and the estimated cost, and also provide you with information for rebates, tax credits, and potential grants that could alleviate some of the costs.

Save Money with Renewable Energy in Champaign with Solar Energy Installation


Every day, more and more people are shifting to solar panels. Not only do they provide the same seamless comfort as conventional electrical systems, and reduce your carbon footprint, they also save you money!

At Edelman, we believe that you should live your best life and so should our planet. We all know what a great feeling it is to have some extra money in your pocket and the feeling is even greater when you know the planet is benefiting as well. Now that’s a 2-for-1 deal! Solar panels help you and the planet, and when you have a new system installed, it might just inspire your neighbors and friends to do the same.

You’ll also no longer be bound by your utility company’s constantly fluctuating price system, supply demands, and random fees. You’ll quickly see a return on your energy bills each month, and on average, within 7 years, your new panels will pay for themselves. Savings are right around the corner for residents in Champagne with solar energy installation by Edelman!

If You Need A Solar Fit, The Edelman Team Will Ensure You’re Lit!


Edelman is the leading go-to business for all your solar panel installation needs in Champaign, Illinois. Our NABCEP-certified experts are here to make sure you save money with renewable energy, not just with lowered energy bills, but with solar incentives, tax credits, and net metering. We can accommodate many different spaces, from homes to businesses, small panels to large panels, and will create a design and blueprint to retrofit your desired layout.

We also take a lot of pride in serving the Greater Champaign area, especially our rural communities. We want our customers to know they mean something to us, and that we care about providing them with an affordable fair rate over our own profit. We were founded in this town and understand what it’s like. That’s why it’s important for us to make solar installation accessible, always offering fair prices and flexible financing options. Our local family-run business prides itself in our approach to our customers, meaning each one of you is like a brother or sister to us, and we’ll treat you as such!

Call Edelman today to have one of our solar installers in Champaign come out and provide you with a full assessment and quote. We are one of the most reputable and trustworthy companies that provide solar installation in the Champaign area – remember, at Edelman, we’re locals. Call us when you’re ready to get a solar installation and will be there before the sun goes down!

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