Champaign, IL Humidifier Installation

Signs That Your Home Needs a Humidifier

Dry, Itchy Skin

As much as the summers are long and warm in Champaign, IL, the winters are cold and freezing. This means that the air inside homes is likely to become particularly dry. You might have noticed that your skin changes texture every winter, becoming much more dehydrated and even itchy. The dry air in your home is actually drawing the moisture out of the skin. Whole-home humidifiers replace that air with moist air to create optimal humidity levels.

Gaps in Your Wood Flooring

Even with the most carefully installed floors, some small gaps appear every winter. This is also because there is no excess moisture circulating around your home. When wood loses moisture, it shrinks. 

Furniture is Cracking

You might have spotted a similar effect happening to your wooden furniture. The same process has taken place — the dry air pulls moisture from the wood, causing the material to crack. This can cause long-term damage to your favorite wood pieces. Humidifiers correct this issue and provide you with a more comfortable home setting.

Increased Allergy Symptoms

Have you experienced allergy symptoms at an increased rate? This could also be because of dry air in the house, particularly if it is a seasonal pattern. Dry air dries up your sinuses and nasal passages, irritating your allergies. 

Benefits of Humidifier Installation

Healthier Skin

The cold, dry air strips your skin of its natural oils. But with the addition of a humidifier to your heating system you are likely to see noticeable differences in your skin — it will be more moisturized, and the oils should become more balanced. By boosting humidity into the air, the dry air no longer will take the moisture from your skin. 

Improved Quality of Sleep

Installing a humidifier is likely to improve your quality of sleep because humidifiers may combat the dry airways that cause snoring. Adding a humidifier to you HVAC system will increase moisture to your house which may also clear congestion.

Furniture Protection

In the same way that humidifiers stop moisture from being drawn from the body, they can also protect furniture. You are less likely to see cracks and long-term damage to your wooden furniture with humidifier installation in your Champaign, IL home.

Allergy Symptom Relief

Breathing higher humidity air can help to relieve some irritations of allergies. This is because the inflammation of the nasal and sinus passages is soothed with boosted moisture in the air.

Edelman’s Confidence Club

Edelman’s Confidence Club is a service created to help our loyal customers receive the best service. Annual humidifier inspections can be bundled with HVAC, plumbing, and home electrical maintenance to save you money. Our technicians are certified, and there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Confidence Club includes: 

  • 21-point inspection
  • Waived after-hours fees
  • Discounts on new equipment
  • Air filter replacement 
  • Priority response time

So if you have opted for humidifier installation for your Champaign, IL home, joining Edelman’s Club as a Silver, Gold, or Platinum member is a great option.

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Contact Edelman Inc. to upgrade your HVAC system with a whole-home humidifier. We provide comprehensive HVAC services with integrity, honesty, and a positive work ethic as our core values. A passion project of Kraig Edelman’s, this is now the second branch of a business whose roots began in 2003, and we’ve continued to offer reliable services to customers in Champaign, IL ever since.  Check out our five-star customer reviews to see what customers say about us!

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Nobody benefits from living in cold, dry air from November to March. If you’re ready to protect your skin, wooden furniture and floors all winter long, you need our humidifier installation service.

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