Air Cleaner Services in Champaign, IL

Benefits of Air Cleaners

Air cleaner systems don’t just make your home cleaner; they bring a wide range of benefits to your home. Here are just a few reasons people come to us for air cleaner services in Champaign, IL.

Relief of Common Allergy Symptoms

Many allergies are caused or exacerbated by particulates carried in the air. A cleaner like this will filter them out, giving relief from a wide range of allergy symptoms, including hay fever, pet allergies, and more.

Remove Unpleasant Odors

Got a musty smell in your home that you just can’t get rid of? Installing a whole house air cleaner might be the perfect solution. The devices will filter the air in your home, removing unpleasant smells. Not only will you feel better, but your home will be more inviting as well.

Improved Sleep

Sleep is vital for our health and happiness. Unfortunately, dirt and dust in the air can reduce the quality of our sleep by making it more difficult to breathe during the night. However, these machines will remove the dirt from your home, reducing the impact of sleep irritants. Your sleep quality and overall happiness will improve shortly after the installation.

Eliminate Pollutants in the Air

Although these devices are helpful in all homes, they’re essential in cities like Champaign, IL where pollutants are common. Pollution can damage your skin, hurt your lungs, and harm your long-term health. Thankfully, air cleaners provide an easy way to remove these harmful substances from your home in Champaign.

Helps with Dust

If you can see dust and debris coming from your vents, that’s an obvious sign of poor indoor air quality. Some of the air coming through your air duct can contain bacteria, pollen, and other allergens along with dust. An air cleaner can help relieve some of these issues in your house. 

Breathe Easier With Whole-Home Air Cleaners

Struggle with allergies? If the answer is yes, you should immediately call us to schedule air cleaner services in Champaign, IL. Research has shown a strong connection between pollution and allergies, and if there are many pollutants in the air you breathe at home, you need all the help you can get to manage your allergies. An air cleaner installed in your house is particularly important for people with asthma, which can be severely triggered by dust particles or other allergens in the air.

An air cleaner will filter out the particles that cause your allergies to irritate your body and make breathing difficult. You will immediately notice the difference in indoor air quality after installing one of these helpful devices. If you have children or babies, you have even more of a reason to test out an air cleaner. Children and young adults have faster breathing rates, meaning they inhale a lot of pollution and particles. 

Edelman’s Confidence Club

The vast majority of HVAC issues are caused by poor maintenance. Failing to adjust, clean, and inspect your systems can cause them to break — often at the most inconvenient times. This leads to high repair bills and a shorter lifespan for your machine.

Thankfully, Edelman is here to help. And we make receiving comprehensive HVAC services easier with our Confidence Club, which provides regular inspections at lower rates. This isn’t the only benefit of our program. You’ll also enjoy:

  • Priority response times
  • Waived after-hours fees
  • Reminder service
Turn to the experts

Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer

Why Choose Edelman for Indoor Air Quality Services?

Choosing the right company to provide air cleaner services in Champaign, IL can be stressful. However, Edelman is available 24/7 to provide the comprehensive HVAC services your family needs all year long. Edelman contractors are fully insured, licensed, and trained. This means that every service we provide is high quality and reliable. 

Our team has been serving the local community since 2003. With thousands of happy customers, we’ve earned a reputation for safe, reliable, and fast service. We’re happy to come to your property and install a brand-new air cleaner efficiently and at an affordable rate.

Contact Edelman for Air Cleaner Services

Are you ready to breathe in the best air in Champaign, IL? Contact Edelman today. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality work when it comes to installing, inspecting, and repairing your HVAC equipment.  Get in touch today to speak with a member of our team and schedule an appointment today!


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