Air Purifier Installation in Champaign, IL

Benefits of Air Purification Systems 

We all know that air purification systems make our homes cleaner and improve indoor air quality. However, these systems do more for us than we think. These are just a few of the benefits: 

Fewer Allergy Symptoms 

It seems like allergies are getting worse every year, but investing in a new air purifier unit can make all the difference. Pollutants like dust mites, pollen, and even pet dander can decrease the air quality and worsen allergy symptoms. 

Control Over Pet Dander 

When our pets scratch or groom themselves, hair and dander infiltrate the air. They spread and circulate through our homes and can even become suspended in the air. Having a dedicated purification system is a great way to get pet dander under control and improve air quality. 

Healthier Environments 

Just because we are inside our homes doesn’t mean that external pollutants can’t get inside. Pollutants like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide can occur in our spaces and are especially common in high-traffic areas. 

Even if you don’t live in an urban area with high levels of traffic, things like household cleaners can contribute to unhealthy air. Phthalates, chlorine, and ammonia can all cause health problems if used frequently. With expert indoor air quality services in Champaign, IL, you won’t need to worry about the adverse side effects. 

Neutralized Odors 

Yes, getting a new air purifier can even make your home smell better. Smoke and oil from cooking, odors from aerosol sprays, household cleaners, and home improvement products like stains or paint can all contribute to unpleasant smells in a home. An air purifier will trap and neutralize these smells, making your home smell much better. 

Trap Tobacco and Cigarette Smoke

The side effects of tobacco or cigarette smoke include asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, and ear infections. Air purifiers can remove smoke by using a HEPA filter and activated carbon and improve your indoor air quality.

Air Purifiers from Edelman Inc. 

When it comes to air purifier installation in Champaign, IL, Edelman Inc. is at the top of the list. We want to find and install the best purification system for your home so that it remains a safe environment.

To determine which system is best, we’ll work closely with each homeowner to find one that works for their specific needs. How many people in the home suffer from allergies, and to what? Are there pets that produce dander? Do you live in a high-traffic area and are worried about external pollutants? No matter the situation, we’ll find the best option for your home. 

Edelman’s Confidence Club

Here at Edelman, we’re happy to offer our customers the option to join our Confidence Club. The program was designed to help homeowners stay up to date on mechanical system maintenance since 95% of all emergency calls we get can be attributed to infrequent or poor maintenance. We don’t want our customers to experience these emergencies, so we came up with Edelman’s Confidence Club. 

Signing up is easy, inexpensive, and comes with a host of benefits. These include: 

  • Electrical service inspection
  • Quality assurance cleaning and inspection
  • Maintenance for water heaters
  • Filter replacement
  • Fees waived for after-hours service
  • Priority response time
  • Reminder service
  • 21-point inspection

With this program, our goal is to provide our customers with total peace of mind when it comes to maintenance. A licensed professional will always be on hand to help with any problems and conduct important, routine maintenance services.

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Why Trust Edelman?

When it comes to air purifier installation in Champaign, IL, you can’t go wrong with Edelman. Our mission is to provide the best quality electrical, plumbing, and HVAC service to commercial and residential markets. We treat our customers like royalty and work on your home as if it were our own.

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Being able to breathe easily is important, and you want to work with dedicated professionals who care about you and your home. Schedule service with us today to get started.


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