Furnace Repair

Signs That You Need Furnace Repair Services 

It may be hard to determine if your furnace needs repairs during the colder season. These signs could indicate that you may need to schedule furnace repair:

Rising Heating Bills

When you begin to notice your heating bill rising higher than it normally does, your heating system may not be working properly. Look at your energy bills and consider the temperature of your home. Is something not adding up? You’ll likely need to recruit professional furnace repair.

Loud Noises

While it is normal for a home to creak and make noise during the wintertime, loud noises that come from your furnace may be a sign of a broken belt or defective capacitor.

Low Indoor Air Quality

If your home begins to feel stuffy and your air feels to have gone down in quality, this is another possible sign of a heating issue. 

Poor Heat Distribution

When some rooms in your home are warmer than others, it may have to do with your furnace. When one room seems to be very chilly, but the next is a bit too warm, this could be a sign to call for an inspection. 

Faulty thermostat

A thermostat contains switches that regulate the temperature inside the house. Those switches may need calibrating. You should turn off your HVAC system and contact one of our certified technicians to diagnose the issue and possibly prevent costly repairs.

The System Won’t Start

This final sign is the most apparent of them all. If you have found that your system will not power on, it’s time to get your HVAC system serviced by one of our certified technicians.

Furnace Repair Services to Tackle Any Issues

When your furnace needs repairs, Edelman Inc. will be there. Edelman has experienced technicians with years of training and experience that you can rely on. 

A broken heating unit can be worrisome, but Edelman’s technicians will be ready to help you with any furnace issues that you may encounter. Between minor repairs and full part replacements, you can trust us to be there whenever you need professional services. We provide an emergency service until 10:00 PM for non-members and 24/7 for members, so we can help you at any time, day or night.

Even the highest-quality furnaces need to be maintained and monitored regularly, and we can provide those maintenance services as well. Scheduling routine maintenance with us will provide you with the best quality heating system and prevent repairs from arising.

Not sure if our services cover your home’s heating system? Give us a call, and we’ll answer any questions you have.

Edelman’s Confidence Club

Being a member of our Confidence Club means that you can rest assured knowing your heating system is being looked after by an experienced and licensed professional! Joining the club means you will save money on repairs and extra fees and receive peace of mind throughout the seasons. When you have a heating system that receives regular maintenance and inspections, you won’t need to worry about your furnace failing you in those frigid winter months. When your furnace is well-maintained, you may also see increased energy efficiency and significant savings on your heating bill. For more info, visit our Confidence Club page.

Turn to the experts

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Why Choose Edelman for Furnace Repairs?

Our mission here at Edelman is to provide quality installation and service of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems to both residential and commercial markets by ensuring that the customers, employees, and company all win. When you choose Edelman, you are choosing a business that values treating every customer we serve in a professional, courteous manner. Our technicians come equipped with years of training and experience and will be there when you need us most. The benefits of choosing Edelman include:

  • 24/7 for members only and until 10:00 PM for non-members
  • Free estimates
  • Specials such as cashback on select HVAC systems
  • Financing available

Still not sure? Check out our review page to see what our customers have to say! 

Contact Edelman for Furnace Repair Services

When those frigid winter months come around, you must have a furnace repair service you know you can count on. Schedule a service with us easily by booking an appointment on our homepage or giving us a call at 217-290-9066. For all your furnace needs, we will be there to help.



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