Commercial Plumbing Services

Backflow Prevention and Testing

At Edelman Inc, we provide backflow prevention and testing service to plumbing system. You need a licensed and certified backflow prevention specialist to take care of your cross-connection control devices. At Edelman Inc., our experienced plumbers will take care of the service, ensuring you don’t experience any inconvenience during the testing period.


We provide video inspections by cabling your sewers to ensure that there are blockages. We offer emergency cabling services and our professional plumbers will diagnose the problem and correct it immediately. Our team have the equipment for any job needed with your plumbing system. Call us today for a request a free estimate.

Plumbing Inspections

Have your plumbing systems inspected annually with the team of Edelman Inc. Our team can bring you peace of mind with our inspection service and ensure that everything is running properly, no leaks are occurring, and is good condition. We provide free estimates and emergency services with detailed estimate so that you know exactly what needs to be done. You concentrate on your business and let us give you peace of mind knowing that we are taking care of your plumbing systems.

Water Softeners

At Edelman Inc. we can install and repair water softeners to assist with the hard water that can cause build ups from water heaters, pipes, boilers, and other appliances. Our team is professional and experienced when working with any type of water softeners. Call our office us today to request a free estimate on our water softeners services.

Water Heaters

Depending on its energy source, either natural gas or electric, replacing it or even servicing it is often too much for a business owner to tackle. We can install, service and often repair your water heater, but in the event you need a replacement, you can count on us to only install products that are considered “firsts” or the highest quality available unlike what can be purchased at a local big box store. Call us today and let us take care of your water heater.


If you need a new boiler or servicing then look no further than Edelman Inc.! We are the plumbing technicians for you. We service and replace boilers of most major brands. If you are in the market for a new boiler, we can do a complete installation of a brand-new, energy-saving boiler. Our team of plumbing technicians will guarantee your business stays warm and comfortable during the cold season.

Sump Pumps and Sewage Ejection Pumps

It’s important that you make sure your sump pump sewage systems are working properly when opening or running a business. This way, you can get your pump fixed or replaced before disaster strikes. At Edelman Inc., we have experience installing, repairing, and replacing sump pump systems. Call us today for more information.

Pipe and Piping-System Replacement

If your business has low water flow, discolored water, leaking pipes, or it just takes a long time to get hot water, then your water piping may need to be upgraded. Let one of our re-pipe experts evaluate your needs and provide you with the appropriate options for your business. Our technicians have the skills and equipment to re-pipe your buildings plumbing systems.

Leak Repairs

If you are experiencing and sudden increase in water usage it may be due to a leak in your water system. If your water system is leaking then Edelman Inc. can repair your leaking pipes. Our experienced plumbers will evaluate the source of the leak and provide you with the options necessary to allow you to decide which option is best for you. Call us today to request a free estimate.

Garbage Disposals

Repairing or replacing your garbage disposal is not always an easy task. The life of your garbage disposal can be prolonged by running cold water during the running of your disposal. When you begin experiencing difficulty with your garbage disposal call the team at Edelman Inc. so that our technician can come out and properly assess the trouble. We can repair, replace, install, and provide maintenance service for your industrial garbage disposals.

Bathroom & Kitchen Installation & Remodels

Upgrade your bathrooms and kitchen areas in your company with a more modern look that will impress your customers. Trust the team at Edelman Inc to make your designs into a reality. We specialize in remodeling and new construction of any commercial bathrooms and kitchens.


Edelman Inc. understands that keeping your home safe and comfortable can quickly become expensive. With approved credit, our customers can get the products and services they need, while paying over time. The experts at Edelman work with Wells Fargo to help find the best financing options for you.


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