Electrical Panel Replacement in Champaign, IL

What an Electrical Panel Does in Your Home

The electrical panel is the nerve center, so to speak, of your home’s electricity. Which takes incoming electricity from your electric utility company and redistributes the electric current throughout your home through the circuits. This panel is known as the main fuse box or breaker box. It is a metal service box that houses the circuit breakers which stop the power by tripping if there’s an overloading electrical current running through it. This feature will help keep you and your home safe.

Signs Your Home Needs an Electrical Panel Upgrade Vs. Replacement

Depending on the circumstances, an electrical panel may only need to be upgraded instead of completely replacing it. But how can you know what is needed? Read below some of the key signs that you should probably replace your old electrical panel instead of simply upgrading are:

  • You notice your lights are flickering or dimming on a regular basis, mostly when you’re using an appliance. This normally indicates your panel cannot supply the amount of electricity your home needs.
  • The electrical panel feels warm to the touch, or you might smell a faint burning scent in the area. This usually indicates the wiring behind the panel may be exposed or damaged. If this is occurring in your home, it is actually very dangerous and may cause a fire.
  • If you observe your circuit breakers trip on a regular basis, this normally indicates an overloaded circuit. While it’s not unsafe, it does mean your home’s electrical system is not able to support your current need for electricity. With all of the high-tech appliances and smart devices in houses today, homes really need a 200-amp panel to adjust to the current electrical needs, as well as any future needs.
  • If you are aware that your electrical panel is aging and/or outdated. Electrical panels from over 40 years ago cannot meet the needs of modern electrical demands. These outdated panels can be susceptible to overloading and worse.

Can I Perform Electrical Panel Upgrades or Replacements Myself?

Is changing out your home’s electrical panel something you can do on your own? Our Edelman Inc. professional electricians definitely do not recommend that you attempt it. We very much recommend that you hire an experienced and licensed electrician, like ours here at Edelman Inc, to tackle this project for you to prevent electrical shock or other injuries. There are a lot of factors involved to working with electricity that are highly dangerous and can result in electrocution or fire if your not a professional and not aware of the dangers. It’s better to have peace of mind knowing the replacement’s been done correctly and by a professional.

Call Edelman Inc. at 217-290-9065 to schedule one of our licensed electricians to come out to your home and evaluate your need for a new electrical panel. We’re here to help. We can also offer electrical repairs and electrical installation services, including generator installation, LED lights, electrical wiring and surge protectors.


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