How Long Does Electrical Wiring Last?

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One of the most essential aspects of your home’s operation is something that you can’t even see. Hidden behind your walls is the wiring system that keeps your entire home’s electricity up and running. The efficiency of the electrical wiring in your home is crucial to keeping your home’s electrical components working the way you expect them to. Keeping your house’s electrical wiring in good condition is crucial to a safe and happy home.

Knowing how long electrical wiring should last, as well as the age of your own wiring could prove to be the difference between your house’s electrical components working optimally or failing when you need them most.

Life Expectancy of Electrical Wiring

The life expectancy of electrical wiring can vary depending on the different variations of electrical wires and installation practices, among other things. However, the commonly agreed-upon general time frame of electrical wiring being effective is around 50 years. However, wiring’s age alone is not the only thing to consider when determining if wiring needs to be replaced.

There are a number of different factors however that can alter how long your home’s wiring is working correctly. For example, the level of professionalism and care that was taken when the wires were originally installed can greatly affect the lifespan of your home’s wiring. If the person who originally installed the wiring was not up to par, your house could be at risk.

It is important to realize that it is not typically the copper component of your wiring that will fail with age. Copper is known to keep its conductive properties for 100 years! It is the sheathing on the outside of the wire that will likely go bad before the copper.

Is Old Wiring Dangerous?

Old wiring itself is not inherently dangerous. As it ages there is always the chance for corrosion or damage to occur, which could eventually lead to serious problems like becoming a shock hazard or starting electrical fires.

However, wiring being old does not mean it is unsafe or even needs to be replaced. You also need to make sure that your electrical transformers are working efficiently. They last, on average, 30 years and should typically be looked at by a qualified electrical contractor.

Do I Need My Electrical Wiring Checked?

If you live in a newer build and are not experiencing any visible problems with your wiring, your wiring is likely working as intended, but there are no guarantees on the craftsmanship of the wiring system installation. Faulty wiring installation can cause issues even if the wiring isn’t very old.

If your home was built before the 1990s, then we suggest an experienced technician takes a look at your home’s wiring. Even though the wiring may not be very old, the peace of mind you get from having a qualified professional give you the okay on your home’s electrical wiring is unmatched. If you are moving into a new build and want to start your electrical services off on the right foot, we offer the highest quality electrical installation services.

The safety of your home is not something that our team at Edelman Inc. takes lightly. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, craftsmanship, and unrivaled customer service. Do yourself and your home a huge favor and have your electrical wiring inspected by Edelman Inc. We offer high-quality electrical service upgrades that allow your house to run as efficiently as possible!

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