Signs You Need a Breaker Box Replacement

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Your breaker box is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment for the operation of your home. A breaker box is an electrical control panel that distributes power throughout the residence. Breakers keep tabs on the circuits to monitor issues and shut off current when problems are detected. 

Eventually, they do wear out, requiring breaker box replacement, and it’s imperative that you go to someone who is trained and licensed when it comes time to replace your electrical panel. Edelman Inc. explains the warning signs that indicate you need a new electrical panel and why you want to call a qualified electrician to do the job.

Breaker Box Replacement Signs

Breaker boxes typically last 25 to 30 years with proper maintenance and care. As the circuit breaker starts to fail, you’ll notice signs that tell you something is wrong with your home’s electrical system or electrical panels.

There are a number of warning signs that indicate you need your breaker box replaced by an electrician. 

If you have any of the following issues, it may be the time for a change:

  • Lights start dimming or flickering, especially when large appliances run in the home. This is a sign that the electrical panel and circuit breakers cannot supply enough electricity to meet your household’s needs.
  • The breaker box is warm or hot to the touch, or you notice a slight burning smell near it. This can signify that there is exposed or damaged wiring within the breaker box, which could start a fire if not fixed.
  • A breaker panel can trip frequently. Tripping breakers are signs of overloaded circuits, meaning your household’s electricity demand is likely higher than the current breaker box can handle.
  • The breaker box is more than 40 years old. At that age, the breaker box is outdated and worn out and is likely unable to fulfill the electrical demands of households in this day and age.
  • Your electrical panel uses fuses instead of circuit breakers. This is referred to as a fuse box, and while a fuse box can be perfectly safe if you use correctly sized fuses, resolving issues can be much more tedious with this electrical panel style.
  • Rust is visible on the breaker box. This means the breaker box has been water damaged and should be replaced. The underlying cause of the water exposure should also be resolved.
  • The electric panel makes a hissing or buzzing noise. The only sound that is ok to hear from the panel is a swift click when a breaker trips. Buzzing and hissing sounds can be produced by lousy wiring or faulty electrical connections.

Call an Electrician for a New Breaker Box

The last thing you want when your electrical panel is not working correctly is to ignore it. Doing so will not solve the problem and will only put you at risk of being injured or worse. Most homeowners do not possess the knowledge and training necessary to safely repair or replace these complex electrical system components safely. As such, you don’t want to risk your life trying to install a new breaker box yourself if you don’t have the proper skill set.

If you need a breaker box replacement, call an electrician. Licensed electricians perform breaker box replacement on a routine basis and have gained extensive experience doing so through their training. Working with an electrician to complete this project protects you, your loved ones, and your home from the dangers of faulty electrical components and faulty attempts to replace them, DIY-style.

Breaker Box Replacement in Central Illinois

Circuit breaker box replacement is a job best left to a licensed electrician. When you need breaker box replacement in your Central Illinois area home, call Edelman Inc. Our team of licensed electricians ensures the safe and accurate replacement of your home’s breaker box for improved electrical performance. Call us today to request an estimate for breaker box replacement.


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