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What are important aspects to look for in an electrician?

First and foremost, to meet the qualifications and experience necessary, a quality electrician should be knowledgeable and have a strong understanding of electrical wiring and theory. Second, an electrician must be able to communicate, both with their fellow technicians and, more importantly, with the client. Lastly, an electrician should be a timely and dependable individual.

Should I install electrical wiring myself?

This is highly dependent on your working knowledge of electricity and wiring. Without experience, it is highly recommended that you call a certified electrician to install electrical wiring. Installing wiring on your own can be extremely hazardous and can result in injury or death. If you are in need of an electrician in Champaign, Illinois, to install or consult about electrical wiring, contact us any time.

How does Edelman handle emergency electrical problems?

Edelman is available 24/7 for any electrical emergencies you may have. We’ll send one of our local Champaign electricians to assess and fix your issues as soon as possible.

What steps can I take to protect my house from power surges?

Steps you can take on your own include using plug-in power strips with surge protection as well as unplugging sensitive electrical appliances during electric storms. Otherwise, you may consider calling Edelman, your local electrical company in Champaign. We can check for faulty wiring and may even suggest that you fit your home with a whole home surge protector.

Electrical Services Performed by Licenced Electricians in Champaign, Illinois


Our Champaign electricians offer a wide range of affordable electrical services for both residential homes as well as commercial properties. No job is too big or too small. Whether you are in need of an installation, a full-blown repair, or just a simple rewire, Edelman Inc. has the experts available for your home or business. Below are just a few of the services we can provide.

We know how important it is that your project is done safely, correctly, and on the schedule that you expect. Our electricians in Champaign, Illinois, will do just that. We’ve successfully completed projects from small homes to large restaurants and everything in between. That is why so many Champaign residents continue to choose Edelman Inc. for all their electrical needs.

Enjoy a Full Range of Electrical Services


Electrical Installation

Our trained electricians are proficient in a large variety of installations in both the interior and exterior of your home or building. We’ll safely run wire and install the proper switches so you can ensure your new fixture will sit seamlessly in your room.

Even if your project involves braving the elements on the exterior of your home or business, our Champaign electricians will help provide the peace of mind that your flood lights, speakers, or other installations are grounded properly, will not short circuit, and be up to date on all regulatory compliance.

Electrical Repairs

Troubleshooting an electrical network is a complex and potentially dangerous job. If you are experiencing any issues, regardless of the size, call Edelman Inc. to handle your repair. We’ll take care of wire, outlet, and circuit replacements, as well as electrical code updates.

Electrical Panels

The electrical panel, while resilient, is not beyond the need for replacement or repair. As the heart of the electrical system, it receives power from the utility company and distributes it to all your devices and appliances. Our technicians will ensure that your panel is up-to-date, so you can avoid overloading your system and keep your home safe.

Electrical Upgrades

If your home is over 40 years old, or your home does not have the power to meet your energy needs, you may be due for an electrical upgrade. With thousands of upgrade jobs under our belt, we’re confident that our Champaign electricians are more than capable of providing the updates your home needs to keep up with your family’s busy lifestyle.

LED Lighting

Are you tired of the cost and effort of replacing incandescent lighting? Save money, help the environment, and extend the life of your bulbs. Book an appointment now and let us help you switch to LED lighting.

Surge Protectors

Although the obvious visible function lets you plug in multiple devices, the aptly named surge protector has another very important function. Protecting your devices from sudden oversupplies in electricity. If you want to increase that protection, call Edelman Inc. and inquire about installing a whole-home surge protector.

Whole House Generators

When you want to ensure that your home can endure almost any electrical emergency, consider installing a whole-home generator. Consult our team of electricians in Champaign, Il, to determine what your home needs to keep the lights, and all of your other essentials, running smoothly.

Put Your Trust in Our Highly-Trained, Professional Champaign Electricians

Edelman Inc., family owned and operated, will gladly take care of your electrical problems. For almost two decades, we’ve made it our mission to provide quality installation and service to both residential and commercial clients. 

By offering first-rate work, competitive pricing, and convenient booking, we’re positive our technicians can provide you with 100% satisfaction on any project. Our skilled Champaign electricians can be there anytime you need them, including for 24/7 emergency electrical services. 

In need of other services? We also provide, with the same integrity and quality, a multitude of Heating and Cooling services.



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