What Are the Health Benefits of LED Lighting?

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By now, you’re probably aware of many of the benefits provided by LED lighting. These lights last longer, provide savings on your electricity bill, and are more durable than other forms of lighting. But did you know that switching to LED lighting can also provide numerous health benefits?

In the latest blog from Edelman Inc., we’ll discuss some of the many health benefits of LED lighting to help you decide if making the switch to LED lighting is the best choice for your home and family.

Reduced Mercury Exposure

Mercury is a toxic chemical that can be found in incandescent and fluorescent lighting. However, LED lights do not contain any mercury. By switching to LED lighting, you can protect your family from the dangerous effects caused by exposure to mercury.

Reduced UV Exposure

Many different light sources emit ultraviolet radiation. Too much exposure to ultraviolet radiation can lead to skin cancer, among other issues. LED lights, in contrast to many other forms of lighting, do not emit any ultraviolet radiation. 

Lower Anxiety

We all need some sort of exposure to natural light sources. LED lights are designed to replicate the effects of natural light. If you spend much of your time inside or are affected by seasonal affective disorder, this will help to greatly reduce anxiety caused by limited exposure to natural light. 

Additionally, if your home uses fluorescent lighting, you might’ve noticed a low buzzing sound coming from the light bulbs. Buzzing sounds from light sources have been linked to increased anxiety, headaches, and stress. 

Fewer Issues Caused By Light Sensitivity

For individuals who deal with light sensitivity, lighting that flickers or emits light that is too bright can quickly lead to headaches and migraines, nausea, and anxiety. The light emitted from LED bulbs is more consistent than other light sources and is not prone to flickering. 

Making the switch to LED lighting technology will help to reduce headaches and other physical issues caused by light sensitivity.

Promotes Healthy Circadian Rhythm

Many light sources contain blue wavelengths that can reduce a body’s production of melatonin. LED lighting contains fewer blue wavelengths, and actually mimics natural lighting to improve levels of melatonin. 

Not only will this promote a healthy and regulated circadian rhythm, but it will also lead to reduced stress and improved sleep. If you’ve been struggling to maintain a consistent sleep cycle, switching to warm lighting, such as LED lighting, can help. 

Contact Edelman Inc. for LED Lighting Installation

Edelman Inc. knows that making the switch to LED lighting can provide a wide variety of benefits. The health and overall well-being of your family can be improved significantly by replacing other lighting options with LED lighting.

To schedule an appointment for LED lighting installation in Champaign, IL, or to receive more information about the vast array of benefits provided by LED lighting, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. We’ll provide you with all of the information that you need to make the best decision for your home and family.


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