What Are the Different Types of Water Heaters?

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Water heaters are an essential plumbing appliance that deliver hot water for all the home’s needs, from bathing to household chores. What many people aren’t aware of is the different types of water heaters available for use in the home – you’re not limited to just one equipment type. Edelman installs water heaters of all kinds in Illinois homes, and we’re here to tell you more about your options.

Tank Water Heaters

Of all the different types of water heaters, the one that comes to mind for most people is the tank water heater. This type of water heater has been used in homes for decades and is a popular choice still today.

Tank conventional water heaters heat water and store it for when it’s needed. The equipment looks like a large tank, which varies in size based on the unit’s capacity and does require some floor space for installation. The pre-heating and storage method of water heating isn’t as energy efficient as some other options, as the unit is constantly using energy to keep water warmed to a comfortable temperature, no matter if you’ll be using it soon or not. Even so, high efficiency gas and electric equipment options exist to help homeowners cut back on water heating energy use.

Tankless Water Heaters

Over the past decade or so, tankless hot water heaters have emerged on the home plumbing scene, promoted as an energy-efficient alternative to the conventional tank water heater. This unit is quite small comparatively as it needs no tank to store water. Different types of hot water heaters in the tankless style can be installed on the wall to eliminate the need for installation floor space.

Tankless heaters are an on-demand style of water heater. This means that the unit only heats water as it is needed in the home. This method of water heating saves energy as energy is only used at certain times rather than around the clock to maintain stored hot water temperatures. Equipment capacity is measured by flow rate, which tells you how many gallons of hot water the tankless water heater can produce in one minute. Gas and electric models are available, and switching to a tankless model can save homeowners up to 34 percent on water heating costs, depending on household usage.

Hybrid Electric Water Heaters

Hybrid electric water heaters are also growing in popularity. These types of units are also called heat pump water heaters, and they’re one of the different types of water heaters using a storage tank. A heat pump is used to transfer heat to the water, whereas other types use fuel to heat water.

Hybrid electric water heaters are one of the most energy-efficient options. Because a heat pump is used to heat water, these units are electric only and no gas models exist.

Solar Water Heaters

A solar-powered water heater is one of the different types of tank style models available for home use. Instead of using gas or electricity from the home’s utility service to heat water, these units are connected to a solar panel that gathers solar energy to use in water heating.

Different types of water heaters for solar systems include active and passive setups. Active solar water heaters either circulate water directly through the solar collector to be heated or use solar energy and a heat exchanger to add heat to water. Passive systems apply solar energy directly to a water storage tank and pump it into the home through the plumbing system as needed. These different types of water heaters can help homeowners reduce electricity bills by heating water using free solar energy rather than utility power.

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The different types of water heaters discussed above can be installed in Illinois homes. To find out which water heater is best for your home and situation, contact Edelman today to schedule a consultation.


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