4 Benefits of a High-Efficiency HVAC System

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Whether you want to install an HVAC system for your new home or you’re considering an upgrade for an outdated system, it’s important to know that not all furnaces and air conditioners are created equal. A high-efficiency furnace and air conditioner offers several benefits that you may be missing out on if you choose a more budget-oriented system. Here are four reasons to consider a high-efficiency HVAC system.

1. Cost Savings

When you mention HVAC efficiency, the first thing that many people will think of is cost savings. While more efficient furnaces and air conditioners are usually more expensive up-front, they frequently pay for themselves through savings on your monthly energy bill through years of use. If you look up your current furnace or air conditioner model and compare it to the new units, you can even estimate the level of savings you’re likely to see.

As an example, consider a furnace with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of 80 percent. If you upgrade to a furnace that has a 90 percent AFUE rating, you can expect to see a ten-percent reduction in your monthly bill. Air conditioners and heat pumps are rated with a different metric called the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), which can also be used to calculate your estimated energy costs.

2. More Consistent Temperature

A more efficient furnace and air conditioner is not only comfortable for your wallet; it helps keep the rest of your home more comfortable as well. Many high-efficiency air handlers feature a component called a variable-speed blower. Unlike older blower motors that run at a single speed constantly, variable-speed blowers can adjust their speed based on the temperature demands of your home.

A variable-speed blower provides more consistent airflow throughout your home. Instead of shutting off completely, this type of blower can circulate air continuously. The improved circulation of air reduces or even eliminates the occurrence of hot and cold spots, while also removing more moisture from the air to prevent uncomfortably high indoor humidity.

3. Quiet Operation

A more efficient appliance is usually a quieter one, and high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners are no exception. If your HVAC system features a variable-speed blower, it will run much more quietly when the fan is not spinning at full speed. This results in quieter operation on all but the hottest and coldest days.

Other improvements have been made in recent times that allow modern HVAC systems to run more quietly. For example, many high-efficiency air conditioners feature insulation in the outdoor condenser and air handler that reduce vibrations, and therefore noise.

4. Extra Features

Since furnaces and central air conditioners are designed to last for a decade or more, there’s a lot of time for technological advancement by the time you upgrade them. As a premium option, high-efficiency HVAC systems almost always feature the latest advancements to further set them apart from budget options. Upgrading to a high-efficiency system is a great way to improve the convenience of heating and cooling your home.

One feature to look for in any new high-efficiency system is a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats can offer several features like a touchscreen display, Wi-Fi control, and automatic scheduling for your furnace and AC. Many high-efficiency systems also feature dampers or other means of zone control, so you can individually heat and cool only the parts of your home where it’s needed.

Your HVAC system is the biggest source of energy use in your home, so upgrading to a high-efficiency system can be more beneficial than upgrading other appliances. For more tips and high-quality HVAC service, contact Edelman Inc. today!


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